The Latest Job Search Myths Being Perpetuated by “Experts”

Recently, an ad appeared on Facebook for a coach and former recruiter who was offering an expensive 1-1 program to help people find a new job. I read the ad and watched the 15-minute video, and I was shocked. I immediately needed to make sure no one was falling for the extremely inaccurate information they were “teaching.”


1.     Myth: You can get a 6-figure salary in any market with no networking, working with recruiters, or online applications. They said “none of those work in the six figure and above market.”


As a hiring manager and someone who has landed several 6-figure jobs through networking and cold online applications, I can state that is absolutely false. I honestly do not know how you would get a job without submitting an application, networking, and building relationships with recruiters. I’d also stay far away from anyone claiming to help you regardless of market. The process for creatives vs. IT professionals vs. consultants vs. you name it – they are all very different. There are technical interviews, case studies, decomposition problems, and many other aspects of the job search process that are very different for different industries. (I do not teach IT, case studies, or decomp in my program for example.)


2.     Myth: It’s impossible to stand out when you apply online. Everything goes into a “black hole.”


Again, false. If you know what you are doing – how to sell yourself and submit an amazing resume and application – you will stand out. I beat out over 100 other candidates through a cold online application because of the process I use in my job searches. Applicant Tracking Systems are not the problem – your resume and application are not working.


3.     Myth: It is rare to get $100K-$200K from an online application.


Nope. I’ve done it several times, and now as a hiring manager I’m interviewing and hiring candidates for 6-figure salaries from primarily cold online applications. A few people did reach out to me on LinkedIn or were referred by colleagues, but the majority submitted excellent resumes and had amazing interviews.


4.     Myth: All you need are 6-figure skills to land a job.


Well, you do need to have the skills, but skills alone will not land you a job – especially if you’re not doing anything else to find a job. Hiring managers are looking for the total package, not a checklist of skills. You’re a human – not a robot!


Not everything this person said was wrong. There are a few great points I agreed with:


1.     Your mindset has to match your ambition. (You have to believe you’re worth what you’re asking for in terms of the role, salary, and benefits.)


2.     You cannot be everything to everyone. (You should be specific in what you are searching for and tailor your application to that role.)


3.     You need to get your message in front of the right people. (This is why networking and relationship building is so important. You need to connect with recruiters and hiring managers, and you need to know your unique value proposition.)


4.     You need a campaign to find your next job. (I take this to mean you need to be strategic, intentional, and have a plan. You need a proven process to take away the overwhelm and stress of a job search.)


When looking for advice on the internet, check the credentials of the source. Unless a coach or recruiter has achieved the results you are looking for, you should pass. If they haven’t “been there done that”, it’s unlikely they will be able to help you.


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