Mastering the Job Search Sneak Peek Series: Module 3 – Create your Rockstar Resume

Welcome back to my sneak peek into my new online course and group coaching program, Mastering the Job Search. Each week, I’m giving you some insight into one of the course modules and what you can expect to learn. We are already on Module 3: Create a Rockstar Resume.

You may be thinking “there are so many free resources out there, do I really need another lesson on my resume?” The answer is YES. You can spend hours googling resume tips, download or purchase free templates, and watch Instagram and YouTube videos. There are a lot of people offering a lot of advice and resources, but that does not make it good and it doesn’t mean that will work for you.

Let’s be honest, all of those resources say the same things:

1.     You have 7 seconds to impress the recruiter or hiring manager

2.     Focus on results

3.     Use a format that is easy to read

4.     Put some kind of summary at the top

That’s not really, truly helpful, is it? It’s not specific, and it doesn’t help you write your resume. There’s no real strategy there. Also, I hate to say it, but as someone who reads a lot of resumes, people still don’t heed this very basic advice. 

I’ve already posted an article on what not to do and some tips on what you should do to get you started: https://coachingdisruptors.com/stop-putting-these-in-your-resume-now/

This module is my secret sauce, so this sneak peek is going to be a bit more limited than the others. Ultimately, you need to make it easy for the recruiter or hiring manager to see that you are 1) qualified and 2) would be a great addition to the team. So how do I do that?

I use a very specific strategy when creating my own resume and when working with my clients. The method I created to develop stellar resume content is critical and highly successful because it does two things:

1.     Gets you moved to the priority list for phone screens and interviews

2.     Sets you up for success in the interview and negotiation phases

How? Let’s just say that we dive deep into your story. When done correctly, your resume shares your unique value proposition for that specific company and role, and it provides you with all of the content needed to ace your interview. Your resume should make the rest of the job search process easy. That is why it is so important to get right.

I break the resume down into three core sections to ensure your resume gives the recruiter and hiring manager everything they need to say yes. It’s amazing how many people ignore minimum qualifications – immediate reject!

Once you have your core resume done, it won’t take long to tailor it for specific roles.

You may also be wondering:

What about Applicant Tracking Systems? How do I get through them? (Hint: People like to make a big deal about this, and the problem is not Applicant Tracking Systems.)

Why don’t I ever make it to the phone screen?

How do I keep my resume to two pages?

How do I know if I have a good resume?

How do I share my story and my value in my resume?

We will cover all that and more in this module. Bottom line, if you have a high-quality resume, you won’t every worry about those questions again.

Do you have questions about your resume? Send me an email or find me on LinkedIn or Instagram to submit your questions!

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