Mastering the Job Search Sneak Peek Series: Module 1 – Setting Expectations

I am SO excited to be launching my first ever online course and group coaching program – Mastering the Job Search: A proven process to be the standout candidate and get the job you want every time in 2023. I am a strong believer in strategic career management, and I absolutely love helping people find new jobs they love, earn more money, advance their careers, and become impactful leaders. I’ve been working on this for a long time, and it’s almost ready for prime time.


For the next six weeks, you will get a sneak peek into each of the modules of my course so you can decide if this is for you. I will say that I’ve done extensive research, and no one out there is offering a comprehensive, end-to-end job search program like this. This will be the first and only of its kind, and I’ll be with you walking you step-by-step through my process.


I’m a very direct person, so I’ll come out and say it: as a hiring manager for the past six years, I am sick of people applying to jobs with unrealistic expectations. Thus, Module 1 is all about understanding where you are right now, setting realistic goals, and making key decisions before you start your job search. You may be thinking “Let’s get to the good stuff, I have no time to waste, fix my resume, teach me how to interview better, show me how to quickly find a job, teach me your best negotiation strategies…” We will get there – I promise. This is critical groundwork that will save you time in the long run.


The module starts with an assessment: my very own proprietary Career Assessment Wheel. You’ll score your current job in several key areas, determine which ones are most important to you, and determine which ones you will focus in in your job search (they can be different or may overlap).


Next, we leverage the Career Assessment Wheel to set some initial, high-level goals for your job search and next position. We drill down into the key outcomes – or what will be different for you – and how you know you were successful in meeting those goals.


We move on to another favorite lesson – Total Compensation. Too many people focus on base salary as the sole determining factor in applying to or accepting a job. There are so many factors to consider besides base salary. We’ll explore salary, bonus structures, retirement, and other benefits.


This leads into the next lesson – Assessing Your Market Value. This is another favorite area of mine, and as a hiring manager I see a lot of interesting numbers thrown around. It is critical you do market research and objectively assess your qualifications. I cannot tell you how many people have asked for outlandish amounts of money for the position. I am supportive of being bold and asking for what you deserve, but a lot of people overestimate their value. Some underestimate, but what I see is far more overestimation. Pro tip: make sure you understand the organization and level of the job when you apply. Asking for $350K to be a mid-level manager isn’t going to hit right in most companies.


Finally, we’ll talk about the 10 Key Decisions you need to make before starting your job search. This is some real secret sauce. I may be planning a special workshop just on this topic. Once you have these decisions made, knowing what jobs to apply to will be so much easier. This framework sets you up for one of my most-requested coaching topics – Module 2: Creating Your Career Roadmap.


Stay tuned next week for the sneak peek into Module 2!

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