You Can Create the
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I'm Proof It's Possible

I was an ambitious, hard-working, award-winning analyst and strategist in the national security industry. Like many, my career was largely shaped by 9/11. I felt called to fight the bad guys, protect our country, and keep people safe. I also wanted to be a leader with the authority and resources to make decisions, manage missions, lead people, and champion change to make it better, easier, and faster to achieve mission success.

But I wasn’t being selected for any of the jobs or leadership roles I applied for. I was also starting to feel beaten down, jaded, and skeptical about the ability of the government to change. Fighting bureaucracy was exhausting. I also had so many bad bosses and horrible leaders. They were people who only cared about themselves, their egos, and their career trajectory. They put themselves above the wellbeing of the team and the mission. Does “shut up and color” sound familiar?

Coaching Changed Everything

I was struggling. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I had the opportunity to go through a career coaching program using the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment. It was eye opening. I realized that I lacked self-awareness. I didn’t really understand myself, how I think and operate, how I impact others, and what type of environment I would thrive in. I had no real career roadmap or plan to advance into the roles I wanted. The truth is that I had never really thought about it. I just wanted to support the mission and get sh*t done. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t being strategic or intentional about my choices.

Coaching unleashed my potential. Everything made sense now about why I was struggling. I transformed my mindset and leadership style, and I created my career roadmap. I knew I was meant to be a leader in this field, and I worked hard on myself and challenged myself to be better every day. With my newfound self-awareness and leadership skills, I skyrocketed my career advancement – and along with it my impact (and salary). I was making decisions, creating strategy, building teams, advising senior government leaders, and providing recommendations to shape the future of the mission. I successfully navigated my own career advancement and built a reputation as an innovative, forward-leaning leader. I’ve been asked to return to previous companies, and I have people who have asked if they can work for me again. I’m winning awards for creating and executing visions that move the national security mission forward.

Now I’m Here to Help You

I went to school and enrolled in every coaching, psychology, and leadership development program I could. I hold a Certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Wellbeing, a Project Management Professional Certification, and a variety of psychometric assessment programs. I created the Leadership Legacy Program to help people overcome their challenges, advance their careers, and become amazing leaders.

You Can – No Should – Love Your Work

You can be focused, productive, and successful. You can be fulfilled, energized, and recognized every day at work. You can skip steps on the career ladder and move into a leadership position where you can 100X your impact. With a clear vision, roadmap to success, and some coaching and leadership training, you can truly do anything. You can create your own Leadership Legacy.

The first step in creating a career you love is to click the button below to schedule a call.

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