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You Worked Hard to Get Where You Are Professionally

But You Need Help figuring out the rest of your career

You're an ambitious high performer, but stuck at your level

You have big career goals, but you are struggling to advance or find the right role. Coaching can help you move into a new leadership position where you can have the impact you want and the benefits you deserve.

You're a successful leader, but want less stress and more TIME FOR YOU

You care deeply about your work and your team, but you are burning out. Coaching can help you better lead your team and manage your workload so you have time for fun and family.

you're transitioning careers and uncertain but excited about your future

You know you have so much more to offer, but you’re not sure what to do next. Coaching can help you find a job that excites you and leverages your expertise and skills. 

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Take Ownership of Your Career

Kristyn Ream, Certified Career, Leadership, & Executive Coach

Hi! I’m Kristyn. I am a certified career and leadership coach, wife, mother, and community volunteer. I’ve built my career in government, industry, and the non-profit sectors, so I understand the challenges you face in managing your career. I went from confused and frustrated to self-aware and intentional to skyrocket my success as a leader.

I help ambitious mid-career professionals who want to accelerate their professional growth, improve their leadership skills, and transition from military and government careers to the private sector make an impact in their industry and safeguard time for themselves and their families. My passion is helping people feel fulfilled, energized, and valued at work every day – and earn the benefits they want.

Signature Coaching Program

The Leadership Legacy Program

Career advancement and leadership development are go hand-in-hand; they must be intentionally planned to accomplish your career goals. I will guide you through my Leadership Legacy Framework to develop core leadership skills that you must master in order to move up in your career. I will also guide you through my C-Suite Accelerator Framework, where we will develop your career roadmap and personal brand, help you land your next job or promotion, and support your successful transition into your new role. This is a start-to-finish, holistic approach that guarantees your career growth and success.

You’re here because you are meant for more. I can walk you through my signature frameworks to develop a career roadmap and find your next position or bring more intention and fulfillment to your leadership role (or both!). 

Are You Ready to Make Your Dream Career a Reality?

3 Steps to Your PROFESSIONAL Transformation

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